Undated 92 Day Planner+

Day Planner - 01

Undated 92 Day Planner - Stay on track

(Meal Plan, Timeline, Top Priorities, Workout, Habits, Shopping List, & more)

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Undated 92 Day Planner - Stay on track and stop forgetting things!

(Meal Plan, Timeline, Top Priorities, Workout, Habits, Shopping List, and lots More)

~Buy 2 or more planer or habit tracker packages to get ** 10% off ** (discount applied after checkout)~

I created this planner because over the years I have tried many different options for staying organized and to help with executive functioning (some worked, some didn't), but for me I have found that the more I can "fill in the blanks" the better... And having little visual reminders of what needs to be completed/when, can be very useful.

This planner is all about personal accountability, and setting your intentions to help you to accomplish what needs to get done each day. It also aims to give you positive reminders to help you notice the little things in life that so often slip off the radar when life gets crazy (the weather, your mood, something you accomplished, something to work on, your sleep patterns, your water intake, and so much more!).

This planner is not dated (there are spaces for the date at the top of each pair of pages), so you can pick it up and start anytime without wasting a single page!

  • Each planner has 92 days (one planner for each season!)
  • Made with a spiral binding (to allow you to flip it inside out so that you can keep it on today's date)
  • Planner page size is 5.5"x8.5" (including the spiral it's more like 6"x8.5") and it's a little over 1/2 and inch thick.

*Planners are printed on recycled paper at a local print shop here in BC Canada*

Planner Package Options:
- Day Planner (Single): a single 92 day planner (choose which cover art you want -Winter, Spring, Summer, or Fall- during checkout)
- Day Planner (4 Pack): Full Year Supply (by default you will get one of each cover, but if you would rather have multiples of specific covers you can chose that at checkout)

Awesome add-ons:
- Bic Pen 3+1, Multi-function Pen/Pencil combo (this pen is great because you have 3 separate ink colors as well as a mechanical pencil & eraser all in one compact pen!)
- Pen Refill kit (4 inks and one set of pencil leads, this is enough to replace all 3 inks and leads plus you get a spare green ink which can be substituted for any of your other ink colors at any time)
- Pedometer (these pedometers are great for tracking how active you have/haven't been!)

If you have any questions or would like me to create an individualized package just for you, feel free to message me at orders@2beegreen.ca and I will get back to you within a day or two at most!

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Day Planner - 01
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