Wisdom Yarn - Prose Sock (100g)
  • Wisdom Yarn - Prose Sock (100g)

Eco-Awesome Floss

WB - 001

Finally a natural biodegradable floss that you can feel good about using!  *Made in Italy



Eco-Awesome Floss  By WooBamboo

Most floss is made from various forms of plastic and coated with synthetic wax (many even contain teflon) YIKES!


Luckily this Eco-Awesome Floss has none of the "typical" floss ingredients, and is a good biodegradable and natural option for your daily flossing task!


I for one love this floss, it is a little thicker then some, but because of the way it is constructed it seems to fit even between very tight tooth gaps!


  • Made with natural, biodegradable silk
  • Coated with natural wax
  • Packaged in renewable plant-based plastic
  • Soy-based ink & post-consumer waste
  • Made in Italy

There is no need for the typical plastic floss dispenser and extra plastic waste, because the way they have created the packaging means that the packaging itself turns into your floss dispenser! 


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WB - 001

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