Body Voltage Home Test Kit
  • Body Voltage Home Test Kit
  • Body Voltage Home Test Kit
  • Body Voltage Home Test Kit

Body Voltage Pro Test Kit


This Professional Level Body Voltage Kit is more advanced. (for the consumer model check out the Body Voltage Home Test Kit.

These kits measure the AC Voltage Present on your Body. These voltages come from the electrical wiring in your house among other things, and can cause health and other issues.

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Compatible with Bau-Biologie / Building Biology Measurement Guidelines

This meter is a step above the Body Voltage Home Test Kit.

AC Electric Fields from live electrical wires are attracted to the Human Body. This test kit will indicate the level of AC voltage on the body from your surroundings. 

This meter will help you to asses your exposure levels.

Typically used in sleeping areas to determine which circuit breakers require a demand switch or remote cut off switch.

Measuring the AC levels on your body (especially in critical areas of your home, where you spend most of your time), will help you to assess what actions need to be taken and to create a healthier environment for you and your family to live in.

This meter measures AC Voltage attracted to the human body from:

- Electrical wires hidden in the ceilings, walls and floors

- Overhead power lines

- Power outlets

- Lighting

- Extension Cords

- Power bars

- Appliance power cables etc...

Body Voltage Professional Test Kit Includes:

  • SLT Deluxe Plastic Carrying Case CC2
  • Premium Body Voltage Meter
  • Body Voltage Measuring Instructions
  • Standard test leads
  • Serial RS232 Interface Cable 9 pin IR (Infrared)
  • Temperature Probe
  • Water Pipe Ground Clip
  • Ground plug for grounding to an AC outlet
  • Brass Hand Held Sensor
  • Test Leads – 6 inch red and black banana to alligator
  • Test Lead 39 inches / 1 meter– Red – for Hand probe
  • Test Lead 20 feet / 6.1 meter – Black – for Grounding
  • Outlet Tester
  • CD for Data display and logging software for PC (Windows 2000 and above 32/64 bit compatible)
  • 9V Alkaline Battery
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