Snuggle Scarf - PDF Pattern

Pattern #001

Snuggle Scarf Pattern



Approx. Dimensions = 5" x 54" (plus fringe)                                                      

Estimated Project Duration = 8 hours

Level: Easy

This is a very simple pattern, and because of the repetitive and easy to learn stitch it would make a great project for someone wanting to learn something beyond the basic knit stitch, but who is still a beginner. It's also a wonderfully simple little project for the more experienced knitter to keep your fingers busy and your mind free to wander while you ride the bus, watch TV, chat with a friend, or whatever else you like to do while crafting!

Great project for those last minute gifts that you need in a hurry!

*Can be bought as the pattern only or as a full kit with everything you need to make your snuggle scarf*

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Pattern #001
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