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Reference: FN - RAD01

Fibra Natura - Radiant Cotton (100g)

This yarn knits up much softer then I expected it to, and it's actually a lovely texture and a very strong yarn, with lots of colour choices.

Reference: FN - Jav50

Fibra Natura - Java (Hemp)(50g)

This is essentially a high quality jute. While it's certainly not the softest fiber it's got many great uses and it's super tough!

Price $13.50
Backordered Please allow an extra 1 to 6 weeks for shipping after you place your order (Please contact me if you have any questions)

Reference: FN - PAP001

Fibra Natura - Papyrus (50g)

This cotton/silk yarn is beautiful to work with, and feels lovely. The beautiful pastel colors are lovely as well.

Reference: FN - Flax01

Fibra Natura - Flax (50g)

Linen is a wonderful and extremely tough, natural fiber. This is actually a pleasure to work with, and much less rough no the hands then hemp.

Reference: HF - 300

Hugo Frosch - Handwarmers

These bottles are recyclable, and made from 90% renewable resources. Made in Germany.

Price $12.00