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Insulated Travel Tumbler - Coffee Mug

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This is an awesome insulated Travel Mug, to keep your drink at the perfect temperature all day!

The new flip lid insulates and will help to prevent you from spilling on the go.

SIZE: Compatible with most car and truck cup holders.

The diameter of the cup measures 2.75" (just slightly larger in diameter than a standard soda can).

Height varies by size.

VACUUM SEAL: Keeps drinks hot for 12 hours and cold for 24 hours. Uses Thermo 3D ™ technology.

Perfect for your everyday coffee, tea, and iced cappuccino enjoyment!

MATERIALS: 18/8 Medical grade stainless steel doesn't transfer flavors & has no yucky metal aftertaste.

The Hardshell™ Powder coat on the outside will help you to keep your grip on the mug, and it gives a beautiful textured finish, in the colour of your choice.

PURCHASE WITH PURPOSE: When you Miir Travel Tumblers, Miir will donate to traceable Sustainability Give Projects.

Each product has a unique 'Give Code' on the bottom that enables you to track where the donation is going. 

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Replaceable Lids Available! If you are a longtime user of Stainles Steel Travel Mugs, you have likely had the same experience as me where the lid wears out long before the tumbler itself does... Unfortunately in my experience, very few manufacturers will sell you a lid without the base (which seems crazy when sustainability is the goal for the majority of us who use these mugs!).

Luckily Miir is happy to sell us lids separately when they break down, so finally we won't have to throw out the tumbler just because the lid no longer works! We can replace the lid and use the tumbler for years to come!

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